Lisa Carneal Photography | Session Info

What you get:

Your session fee covers one hour and up to four people. Additional time and/or people can be accommodated for a fee. You can choose between a studio or on-location session at your venue of choice. I have a variety of backdrop and prop choices for studio shots, and there are many local parks, beaches, and gardens that are excellent for photo sessions. I will do a "double session" with some studio shots and some on-location shots for an additional fee. Some venues may charge admission and/or fees for doing photography sessions on the premises; the client is responsible for paying any of these charges. Please use the contact page on my website, e-mail, or call 757-449-3769 to book a session!

What to wear:

For larger group photos, simple, solid colors work well, but some variation in color tends to look better than having everybody in the same exact shade. Solid white or black are harder to photograph well, and are not very forgiving when it comes to dirt, lint, etc. For smaller groups or individual shots, have some fun with pattern and color! Having everyone matching exactly can look outdated and it also makes people blend together in photos when there is a lot of the same solid color. I recommend choosing a palette of colors that you like or that goes with the current season, and then have each person wear at least two colors from that palette, with the rest of their clothing or other colors in the patterns being fairly neutral (white, gray, jeans, khakis, etc.). If you need some color palette inspiration, a lot of times it is easier to start with one item of clothing that you want in the photos, and then base the rest of the clothing choices off of that. Scarves, hairbows, jewelry, boots, etc. are great items to use to bring a pop of color and interest into your photos. I'm always willing to give my input or help come up with ideas for what to wear when asked.

Parents of newborns: you may not feel like you're very photogenic, especially if you're a newly post-partum mom, but some of my favorite newborn poses have one or both parents in the picture with the baby. This is the only time that I recommend wearing a white or black shirt. 


What to bring:

For studio photos with young children, the session should be scheduled around nap and meal times so that children are well-rested and not hungry. Please bring a bag with snacks and possibly a few small toys for your child. I will do my best to keep your child's attention and get genuine smiles from them, but sometimes a snack or a special treat can work magic!

Please bring any props or personal items you might want to use in your photos. For babies, a special blanket that was made by a family member, an heirloom dress, or Mom and Dad's wedding rings can be a nice touch. Sometimes military families will use boots, sports fans will use a ball or team hat, etc.


The most flattering, visually stunning outdoor lighting is available in what photographers like to call "the golden hour." This is when the sun is very low in the sky, within about an hour of sunrise or sunset. It may not always be practical for an outdoor session to be scheduled during those timeframes, but if it's at all possible, it can make your photos that much more beautiful!

The ideal timing for newborn photos is between four and 12 days old. The older the baby is, the harder it can be to get them to sleep, and the session may end up lasting quite a while. A sleepy baby with a full tummy is ideal, so plan to feed the baby as soon as you get to the studio. The studio will be warmed up with a heater, and there will also be a heating pad under the baby for comfort and warmth (parents: this means you might want to wear short sleeves, even in winter). Even under ideal circumstances, expect a newborn session to last at least two hours, due to feeding, diapering (or cleaning up because baby is not in a diaper ;), and settling the baby into a deep sleep so that they can be posed without resisting or waking up.